Roulette Tips

At Mas1788 Casinos, Roulette spin is different from other games such as Baccarat or

Blackjack, you can win by counting cards while playing. Roulette is game of luck. However, it is not really has no way to win the game Roulette. Because Roulette doesn’t need to the dealer’s tips such as Baccarat and no draw game like Blackjack. While playing Roulette, when you bet, only win or lose. Here are some experiences to win

Roulette with easiest way.

  1. Bet on numbers

First, you should bet between numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. There is two biggest numbers group on the table in Roulette. Betting on 2 groups is similar to be betting on the color. Remember, you can bet only one time, at most twice in the numbers in groups.

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  1. Bet on colors

It is really hard to player to select colors to bet, even though there is 2 colors are black and red. There is 50% chance of winning for 2 colors (except for 0).

According to the high experience players, when you bet, you should only bet on one specific color which you chosen. You can start your first gamble with one coin, if you win that increase to 5 coins.

  1. Bet on lines

Betting on lines and colors basically has the same rules. When you bet first line and won, you should retain the bet. If you lose, you should bet one more time with same money you lost. Just need one lucky times, you will get all your money back because the rate of bet on lines is 2 for 1. But this is mostly associated risks you could be taken a large amount of money. However, have the opportunity to

With some above tips, you should refer to and manipulate any bets on the game to bring the best results. Above is some of experiences playing roulette in casino Online Casino, these solutions have been sum up from online gambling experience with real money for many years, rolled on the Roulette table . Hope it will help the new players.

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