What you need to know about Slot Game Great Blue

Slot Game Great Blue is an underwater themed and non-progressive mobile video slot developed by the famous Playtech.

The slot game has 5 reels of 3 rows and represents for player up to 25 paylines to be bet on. One of these lines can have 10 coins bet on and results come out as a maximum spin cost of 250 coins. A coin can be value from $0.01 up to $0.50 and the biggest jackpot win can offer 10,000 coins per coin. It means that a maximum award could pay-out up to 100,000 coins.

The game special features such as stacked wild, free spin bonus game and multiplier; however there are no further bonus games.

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  • The look of Slot Game Great Blue

This slot game seems to use a lot of blue color to describe the aquatic theme and the background consists of bubble and a blue canvas. There isn’t really anything special about the graphics in this mobile slot and though the turtle, whale and shark symbol look good, the rest does not seem to be at the same standard. A little jingle sound will play when the reels spin of which tries to stir up excitement in an otherwise, quite boring slot.

  • Gameplay and prizes

A bet of 1-10 coins can be made on up to 25 paylines in this 5×3 slot. Up to 250 coins can be played and the coin value can range from $0.01 to $0.50; this means that, a maximum spin can take from you $125.00 while a minimum spin will allow you to play with only $0.01. The jackpot prize can pay out up to 10.000 coins if 10 coins are bet per line and will pay out 1.000 coins at a one coin per line bet. The in-game pay table has the rest of the game’s pays and winning combinations.

The symbols consist of playing cards 10 through to ace, seahorse, starfish, angelfish, turtle, shark, whale (wild symbol) and pearl inside a shell (scatter symbol).

The whale function as the wild and will replace all other symbols to create the complete winning combinations (except for scatter symbol), any awards will be doubled. Landing 5 of these wild symbols while you are on an active payline will result in the biggest pay-out of 10.000 coins.

The scatter of slot game Great Blue will worth up to 500x of the initial bet if 5 scatter symbols landed. Obtaining 3 or more scatter symbols will reward a minimum of 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier when you enter the bonus game. While you enter the bonus game, player must pick 2 out of 5 seashells in order to win additional free spins as well as multipliers. The free spins and multipliers can come up to 33 free spins where winnings are multiplied by 15x. This can be re-activating and obtaining another 3 more during the free spins grants another 15 free spins with the multiplier that is present when the free spins are re-activated.

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Scatter Images, Wild Images, and Multipliers


Scatter images appear in video slot machines only. Unlike all the other images, scatter images do not have to appear on an enabled pay line to win. They can be “scattered” anywhere on the five reels.

In Ladies Night, for instance, the Waiter is a scatter image. If two Waiter images appear anywhere on the five reels, you win 2 times the entire amount of your Great Blue slot bet. If more Waiter images appear you win even more, up to 500 times your bet if five Waiter images appear.


Wild Images appear in both classic slots and video slots. A wild image can substitute for any other image to complete a victory combination, much like a wild card in a game of poker. In many slots games, the wild image also acts as a multiplier. This means that the payout for a victory combination that includes the wild image is multiplied by 2, 3, or even more.

In the Lion’s Share online slots game, for instance, the Lion is a wild image and also a multiplier. If one Lion is used as a wild image to complete a victory combination, the payout is doubled. If two Lions are used to complete the victory combination, the payout is quadrupled.

Free Spins, Gambles, and other Bonus Attributes

Many online slots games have a free spins attribute. With free spins, you have a chance to win much money, but with no risk of losing any Great Blue slot. In Flying Circus, for instance, three Clown images will trigger 25 free spins. If you happen to get three Clowns again on one of your free spins, you get 25 additional free spins. In Flying Circus, payouts on free spins are double the normal payouts. In other slots games, they can be triple or even six times the normal payouts.


Another common bonus attribute is the gamble attribute. After a victory spin, you can try to double your victories by assuming the color of a playing card, or quadruple your victories by assuming the suit. If you assume wrong, of course, you lose your original victories. That’s why it’s called gamble.

There are many other bonus attributes in Great Blue slot online slots games. In the Treasure bonus game in Age of Discovery, you can win up to 32,250 coins. In Bars and Stripes, the Hat bonus game allows you to win up to 47,500 coins.

There are many other online casino slots games with their own special attributes. Be sure to check out the games themselves for all the details.

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The rules of poker online

Poker online is the name given to a variety of card games in which users’ hands are listed by the cards available to them, if held individually or shared by multiple gamers. Different poker games vary in the number of cards dealt, the hand listings spent, the number of hidden and shared cards accessible, the number of betting rounds served and the gambling procedures followed.

Who will win in the Poker game

Typically, the winner of each hand of poker is the gamer that holds the best listing hand as all cards are shown – this is known as “showdown” – or the gamer that makes the last uncalled bet, hence winning without needing to reach showdown.

Poker game kinds in the game world

We serve gamers a variety of poker games, many with widely differing roles and gambling procedures. Press on the names of the poker games below to learn more and access every game’s poker roles.

There are different rules for the different kinds of games. With community card games including Hold’em and Omaha, every one shares part of the hand, while in Stud games each player is dealt cards, some of which are hidden and some of which are face up. For Draw rounds every person is dealt their own cards but can exchange some or all of them for new ones, and in High/Lo Split slots  the pot is divided between the best ‘high’ and ‘low’ hands.

Poker games typically characteristic a forced gamble, such as the Big Blind and Small Blind in Hold’em and Omaha or the Antes and Bring-In in Stud. These forced gambles comprise the beginning pot in any given hand of poker, which is the first incentive gamer have to win the hand. Action arising from the subsequent spins of gambling further increases the size of the pot.

Dealing cards and gambling spins

After any original cards are dealt, players are usually called upon to act in turn, moving clockwise around the table. Each gamer can sometimes take one of the following actions as it is their turn to act:

Test – gamer can just check when there is no gamble during the current round, and the act of checking passes the action clockwise to the next individual in the hand. If all active gamers check, the round is considered complete.

Gamble – players may bet if no other users have gamble during the current round.

Fold – gamers who fold forfeit their cards and cannot win or act again during the recent hand.

Call – gamers can call if other players have gamble during the current round; this requires the calling gamer to match the highest gamble made.

Raise – gamer may raise as other players have bet during the current round; this requires the raising gamer to match the highest bet made, and make a subsequent gamble. On every gambling round, online betting Malaysia continues until every gamer has either matched the bets made or folded (if no gambles are made, the round is complete when each player has checked). When the gambling round is completed, the next dealing/betting round starts, or the hand is complete.

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How to play Poker the best and get the highest prizes?

Today, if you are a headache because of so many gambling genres and you are looking for a most wonderful genre, I think that you should try Poker. Poker is an interesting selection which is considered as one of the most favorite choices of many people in the world from the normal people to rich people. And I am sure that if you choose it, you will be satisfied as soon as you get started.

Why poker becomes a favorite choice in gambling world?

Indeed, in gambling world, Poker is always loved by many gamers because of the interesting, the surprise, the suspense, the adventure and the great opportunities to change life with super-value prizes. Moreover, you can easily play this genre, because in the world there are many casinos of each country from legal to illegal for you which provide poker.

On the other hand, along with the development of information technology and the exploration of the internet, you can play poker more convenient than ever before. There are two ways to gamble: online and offline and all of them are good. Offline versions are so familiar with you, with these version, you need to go to the real casinos, bet money directly and battle with your opponents. Online versions are more convenient, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to go to the real casino, you just need some simple steps to access reputable page sites which offer this genres for you, wait some seconds for loading, and then you can gamble online right on your mobile devices with the support of the internet. So how to play Poker and get the highest value prizes? The next, in this article, I am so happy to show you.

How to play poker effectively?

Many people say that it is too difficult to play, predict and win Poker, because it depends a lot on luck, the dealer and your hands which you are divided, however, I think this is not really right, there are many people who have won great prizes thanks to their skills. So what should you do?

The first, you should find for yourself a reputable casino which gives you the great Poker. Take a seat at the table where your game takes place, and start buying your chips. The amount of money which need, will depend on the posted table, however you can find a $10 table during off-peak hours easily. And in this genre, if you bet $25 dollars and win in your hand, you will win $25. So, you should think carefully to choose the suitable amounts to bet to win money as much as possible.

The second, when you play Poker, you should ask the dealer for advice whenever you need or you have question. To maximize your chances of winning, always go with the hand which has the strongest possible two-card hand.

The third, in the process of gambling, I think you should only bet with limited amount which you are willing to lose and pay, just bring that limited amount to the casino. When you bet and lose all, you should be happy to return home, you are more chances to win, so do not bet all your money in one time in Poker.

Overall, Poker is attractive genre for you to enjoy and discover. Let’s join now and you are welcome no matter you are!

Highway King slot game – disguise for gaming fans


To carry in profitable networks potential wild and good-looking, Highway King slot game extras started the most special willing. Even now I do not distinguish the number of this kind of game has been industrialized to produce, but surely they are quite global excellent. It’s really easy to appreciate the delightful sites on the Internet a day video ready, you can earn enormous amounts of cash.

Finding good accidental from Highway king games

What do you think fired, absolutely want to get the attention of famous formula, depended on capital and interesting online video games? No doubt you may have to wait as our report will provide all the information and potential solutions to your questions as simple as you possibly can. Finally, we study the Highway King slot game and great efficiency, which provides stretch after looking a good opportunity to make the position of income. This is a different method of thinking and easy game that can make it common. It will not consider you a lot of time, so that you can have such an understanding of the slot and you can start to enjoy them absolutely. The second player to try a variety of video games on the network do not have cash, but significant achievement. These games are scams, and nothing to display for the reality that the Malaysia. You will need to deal with waste their cash and time.


You should a lot of details before play Highway King

It may be suggested to make sure that they are used to collect in-depth details on the Internet before the game. As you must make an effort to adhere to the high-quality network resources and go through all the comments only before a final decision of the capability. Completely exhausted their typical lines, absolutely players want to spend the Website as a source of income. As you are under the principle of active participation of Highway King slot game casino games and a full record it will happen also worth money game. Only try to develop into experienced gamers, and with tactics that will lead to the award-winning significance of the results. You just need to choose the payment behavior of real danger to comply with the site. As you need to continue to study these documents, since we have a deal to share.

They are hard to beat in Highway King slot

Complete good results is a network slot is not a simple process, it requires practical knowledge and valuable technology. As long as you play the slot King Highway, you can hope to see fierce competition, which is hard to kick. Get new players, the target is to play the demo or practice slots, and know that in emergency positions. This will undoubtedly take some time to develop a successful way is very effective, it will be a special result-oriented. Even though you down, you need to get rid of, but still try and play the game within your limitation.

Even now, we suggest that you gather more details about the mandatory online Highway King slot game before income apply them to. Absolutely did not go somewhere, spending their official web for more information. We surely fast on-line with a press here to bring alteration and update our Internet site recently.

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Enrich is simpler than ever with SCR 888 slot games

You are gambling enthusiasts, if you pay more attention, you will find that there is no better way to enrich than playing SCR 888 slot games. SCR 888 slot games are simpler to play and win more. That is reason why it is played much more often than the others. There are many ways to dramatically increase your chance of winning in SCR 888 slot games, read this article to find out the perfect and useful ways.

If you truly want to know how to win the SCR 888 slot games, you need to suspend your disbelief that it is games of chance because you can create your chance and luck. Consult following ways to increase your winning chance and enrich with SCR 888 slot games.

SCR 888 offer huge winning payouts

It is not natural when I say that you can enrich simply with SCR 888 slot games because they give you a huge number of wining payouts. You can get up to 97% payout percentages if you win SCR888 slots while other online casino games only offer 80% to 90%. The difference is very big, right? In Malaysia online casino, SCR888 offers the highest winning payouts as well as rate of return. Therefore, if you want to enrich quickly, SCR888 is your best choice.

Ways to win more in SCR 888 slots

In order to learn how to win more in SCR 888 slots, you must master rules and necessary information of your favorite slots firstly. There is no better ways to master all of them than playing SCR888 download or playing free slots. After that, try to apply following ways to increase your amount of winning money in SCR888 slot games.

Look for slot game jackpot

Slot games jackpot or jackpot prizes are always ideal purpose of each player when playing SCR888 real slots. Many online casinos offer large cash jackpots and it can up to over millions of dollars. You also can choose ways to deposit funds into your account. However, you always have to remember that SCR 888 jackpot prizes only appear when you bet the max amount of money. So, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can save money by using a casino bonus.

Choose machines offering higher winning odds

When choosing an online casino, you absolutely want to search a reputable site that provides a higher percentage payout. Thus, you can choose slot machines which offer better winning payout percentage. It is better to consult the comments of other players who have experienced gambling.

Manage your money

If you want to enrich quickly in SCR 888 slots, it is impossible to forget managing your money suitably. You have to know about your bank balance as well as betting limits of your slot games to bet efficiently. Remember to stop on time to avoid losing out of money.

You may be skeptical about controlling and creating your luck when playing SCR 888 slots as well as casino games, but through great ways above, do you believe in it. Hope you play the best and win more in Malaysia online casino games!

Things about poker hands in poker online

The concept of hands certainly is no longer stranger to the poker online gamer. If you are passionate about poker game in hand, but not grasp this concept, you have to find out immediately if not, it’s all a big disadvantage. The problems related to hands make gamers actually find interesting and attractive.

The following is a list of Poker Hands in online poker in the range from infant to large.

High Card

High lowest card before that you do not have to 1 pair, then you look at all the articles on the table and his hands to see where that leaves its greatest when combined with your hand holding the post and under the table. If the two of them do not have double, then who will be the biggest card that player will win in texas holdem poker online.

Three of a kind

If your post associated with all 3 cards on the table and have the same will be called Three of a kind. In the case of two of them along with Three of a kind, then the other cards or even greater than 2 leaves will determine the winner, because the first game of poker always has 5 cards.


If all of you combined with all on the table and there are 2 of a kind is called Double 8. Each pair eg a game of poker always has 5 leaves, 3 leaves left called kickers. When players have the same pair, the highest kickers will win.

Royal Flush

In poker online, the biggest is the straight flush. In case you combine all the items on the table and have one homogeneous hall from 10 to A (10-J-Q-K-A). Royal Flush is the strongest, once owned it you definitely win. Hall (straight): is a contiguous set of 5 leaves from little to big.

Two pairs

If all of you combined with all on the table and there are 2 pairs will be called Two pairs. If the two of them along with 2 doubles and not the same, the larger one pair wins, but if the two have the same two pair, the second pair of identical high-low will be considered, if at all they are equal 5th leaves will be taken into account and use it as the basis for the identification of the gamble that winning and losing.


If your post that combined with all on the table and put the first 5 kilometers of each other, it is called Flush. 2 human cases have flush the one with larger leaves in the deck that would win.

Four of a kind

If you combine all the items on the table and there is one set of four identical leaves are called the Four of a kind. In the case of two of them have Four of a kind, the person with the larger twin would win that poker online gamble.

Straight Flush

Ranked No. 2 is a Straight Flush, and the homogeneous 5 1 lobby any tree is called Straight Flush. When two people have Straight Flush, who ordered the larger leaves will win, regardless of what nature.

Full House

If your poker hands include 1 & 1 trio leaves the post duo that called Full House. In the case of two of them is Full House, who have larger leaves trio will win the hand. Also still on the table all cases available 3 leaves the same and have the same 2 people will be Full House is one large double wins. Playing poker online for real money is something not difficult, really?


If your post can be combined with all on the table and have one set of 5 consecutive crops, for example, is called Straight, without distinction of anything. If 2 people mutually Straight, who owns wins over big trees.

Above is the detailed tutorial on how to play the most effective online poker, including how to play and what to play reputable dealer. If you do not understand at what point in playing online poker, you can leave a message below to help you in association offline.

Wish you luck in poker online games!

What makes attractive players in online casino Malaysia?

Everyone aware of malaysia casino website games, it’s the game coming out from old times, only the way of joining the game has become modernize rest of the things are same. The online casino is the game which is played by those who are interested in betting and gaming. The casino is mostly found in hotels, restaurants, cruise shops and locations where the tourist activities are performed. The online casino games need more skills and strategies, mostly the casino gamblers are very smart and they are having the list of strategies they use while joining the casino games. In early day’s casino slot games is playing live but now malaysia casino website is played.


  1. Are You Ready for Roulette?

Whenever the roulette ball land on the slot that the casino gamers placed, a winning bet is produced. For some online casino expert, they are able to make a lot of money just by playing the roulette online casino game. However, the roulette is not an easy game to play. It seem like there’re some people who are unable to win consistent money through the roulette malaysia casino website game. In order to make consistent win, casino gamer has to minimize the risk of losing while maximizing their benefit. Follow some of the tips below and you might very well seek yourself winning more often in the game of roulette.

  • Online Casino is the Best Place to Play Roulette

Most malaysia casino website would go all out to get you to try their live betting platform. With this said, most online casinos would require high incentives and casino bonuses to casino gamers on their casino deposits. The first deposits incentives are usually large. These amount can go up to 100% to 200% the deposit amount from casino gamblers. Many would have realized by now that the advantage of playing roulette on the online casino Malaysia far outweigh the advantage of playing the game on a land casino. The online casino Malaysia are the only place where casino gamers are able to maximize their bets with less risk involved. However, with so many online casino Malaysia out there, casino players must choose carefully for the right live casino to place their bets.

The malaysia online casino list platform through the Internet is very various from betting at a table game in live casino, the basic game of craps seems to be more interesting you have with the computer, it’s high deed game through which one can win huge money in very less time and also loose money very fast, so it’s essential to approach the game in true strategic way. Here are few tips which help you to prepare for playing the casino games.

The first and most esssential tips are always aware of the legislations regarding live gambling for avoiding the problem with the law. After becoming safe from your side, you should also check that the online casino Malaysia where you are going to join the game is legal or not, check in that are having proper authorization to operate.


SCR888 – play now and become winners

If you love to play slot games, you surely know SCR888 – the famous collection of slot games in Malaysia. It is not new name in the gambling market, but no one can refuse its attraction. You want to desire for endless gambling experience, do not hesitate to join SCR888 right now and enjoy unlimited cheer.

SCR888 is a gaming platform in Malaysia. There are millions of people have played it since many years and how about you. Let’s sign up and consult following ways to become winners.


How to get free RM?

When joining SCR888, all players want to get free deposit promotions. New member will get a RM 50 for free if you deposit RM30. What amazing! It is very easy to get free RM50 just by some steps. Here are steps to get free RM50.

First of all, you need to get into homepage and register for free as a member to login the casino you like.

Step 2, you have to activate your account.

Step 3, click Deposit on upper off homepage to set the first deposit. At this time, you will see your account credit is balance and there is a range of RM for you to choose.

Step 4, you have to select the “online bank transfer” and press “Make deposit” to proceed to the next step.

Step 5, to perform the fund transfer, you need to choose an account or perform a cash deposit. Remember to activate your online bank before you deposit RM30. After deposit, click “next”.

Step 6, you have to fill the deposit information on this page and click Submit. Then, your application will be checked by customer service. After confirming the correct amount, RM50 will be added to your account.

Step 7, check your deposit record if you want in the History page. Click “Bonus Points” to see RM50 bonus. All above steps will be completed within 3 – 5 minutes. So, take time to get free RM50.


Spend a limited budget

Spending a limited budget when playing slot games of SCR888 help you to save big amount of money as well as help you to win more cash. When you set a certain limit for amount of money you tend to spend, you will know your limit and then, you have to make strategy of spending money on various games with limited budgets. Besides, you also should diversify your budget on various games. Depending on each game to decide how much money you want to spend on it. This lowers your opportunities of losing money and you also get more and more money by not losing your initial investment.

Really know rules of the game

When playing any game, studying about rules of this slot game is really necessary. You have to know what it requires and how to get prizes, you can win this game. Therefore, remember to get all knowledge about the game before you determine to play with real amount of money.

Hope you can play better and become winner with tips I have shared above!